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We believe your loved one deserves the best care at home.

Let us find the right care for your loved one today.

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Welcome to

Unlimited Care 4

Home Health Care

As more and more Americans choose to stay at home instead of a healthcare facility to heal and recover, the need for quality Home Health Care services continue to grow. Unlimited Care 4 Home Health Care is here to meet that need.


As your dependable Home Health Care provider in Virginia, we provide your loved one with the medical assistance and care they need for a happy and health life at home.


Our Services

We are committed to serving the needs of your family. Please find our services listed below.

Companionship Care and Homemaking

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Veteran’s Assistance Care

Personal Care

Respite Care

Hypertension/Stroke Recovery

Chronic Disease Care

Hospice Care

Transportation Services

Parkinson's Care

Surgery Assistance


Our Mission To Your Family...

We dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of the sick, the elderly, and the physically or mentally challenged in Virginia, with the aim of maintaining their wellness and elevating their quality of life at home.

We know that it can be overwhelming to find the right caregiver for your loved one. Because of that, we train our professional Caregivers not just on high-quality care but on interpersonal relationships as well.​

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Alzheimer & Dimentia

We provide the patience and understanding for your loved one.

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Personal Grooming

Quality care that both you and your loved one can trust.

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Post-Hospital Care

A special touch from hospital to care in your comfortable home.

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Personal Care

We provide the best care when it comes to your loved one.

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Mobility Assistance

We help your loved one get around safely and comfortably.

Unlimited Care 4 Home Health Care

Medication Reminders

Never forget your medication with our faithful reminders.

Unlimited Care 4 Home Health Care

Schedule an Assessment

Meet with a representative and discuss your needs at home.

Unlimited Care 4 Home Health Care

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  • How long does home care last?
    There is no minumum time for Home Health Care—it all depends on your personal needs. Home Health Care Services can range from a full week, all the way to lifelong care. If your physician is recommending care, then we suggest that you follow their minimum time frame until your healing goals are met. If you are making Home Health Care decisions on your own, you are able to decide how many hours and days that you may need. If you have questions regarding your medicaid eligibility, please contact Unlimited Home Health Care at (571) 330-9318.
  • How do people pay for Home Health Care?
    You are able to pay for your Home Health Care services a number of ways. Some of your services may be covered by your insurance, or by medicare or medicaid. You may also be covered through worker's compensaition benefits or through Veteran's benefits. You may also choose to pay out of pocket which is considered private pay.
  • Who comes into my house to provide the care?
    Our certified and well trained Personal Care Assistants also known as (PCA's) will be the main ones providing top of the line care that you can trust for your loved one. In the event that you may need specialized care, our onsite registered nurse can also be there for your loved one by request.
  • Why should I choose to use Home Health Care?
    Unlimed Care 4 Home Health Care encourages and helps your loved one to live as independently as possible without having to give up the comforts of their own home. Home Health Care also allows your loved one to live in the oh so familiar area at home, to sleep in their own bed, and stay close to the ones that care about them most such as their family, friends, and pets. It also brings peace of mind to know they have access to skilled, consistent, reliable care when it’s needed, even if those needs change.

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